Butterfly Paradise Pre-school & Day care center

Butterfly Paradise is located in the heart of Kottawa We are dedicated to deliver a high standard of Pre-School education and care incorporating core values young generations need to apprehend to face the world in the future.

Butterfly Paradise first started on 18th May 2005. Although it is a pre-school, what should be noticed it is not an ordinary one. The difference being the very fact that we teach to our pupils providing them the luxury of freedom and the chance for them to learn through exploring and not restricting them in one single framework.

HOW? This is done mainly through lessons which we prefer calling ACTIVITIES. These are not mere classroom teachings, but are classes especially structured to allow the pupils to learn within their freedom, modernising orthodox methods of teaching.

WHY YOU? In our work, what we prioritise is parents’ and children’s satisfaction. This is done by ensuring that the activities offered to our pupils are presented well and mainly highlight our students’ improvement in their skills and abilities. Moreover, the outcome of our activities are very peculiar, but nonetheless effective on the education of our scholars.

Class activities include Planting and Gardening Day, Kites Day, Independence Day, Wesak Day..

Furthermore, we offer outdoor activities such as Sports Meet, Singithi Avurudu Ulela, Singithi Bathi Gee, Annual Concerts.

¬Vision: Creative child through the freedom of thoughts. We aim to achieve this by providing our students with freedom and offering them the tools to achieve the process of developing the whole child: mind, body, heart and soul, teaching social as well as academic and fundamental life skills such as independence, self-confidence. Overall, we wish to encourage in children, a lifelong enjoyment of learning.

¬Academic Work: Combining the previously mentioned activities and classroom lessons we aim to teach our pupils good manners, table etiquettes, respect for religions and the ability to move in a certain environment as they wish and connect with other school-mates, make general conversations which allow the students to come out of his/her shell being talkative and forward. This whole process helps them to smoothly build their personalities and become good citizens in the future.

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