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Our heritage gives us understanding and it conveys the stories of our development as a nation, our spirit and our exceptional uniqueness. Heritage is an inheritance that helps define our future. By identifying, protecting and managing our heritage we are conserving a valuable asset and ensure that those places will continue to be experienced and enjoyed by future generations.

Our heritage is managed at various levels by the government and list places of heritage values. Sri Lanka’s national heritage comprises exceptional historical, archaeological, cultural and nature that contribute to our national identity. National heritage defines the vital moments in our development as a nation and echo achievements, joys and sorrows in the lives of Sri Lankans. It also encompasses those places that reveal the richness of our extraordinarily diverse natural heritage.

To ensure the on-going protection of a National Heritage places and natural locations, a management plan should be prepared that sets out how the heritage values of the site to be protected or conserved. Plans need to be consistent with the National Heritage management principles. The Government must venture to ensure that a management plan is prepared and implemented in cooperation with the relevant authorities and institutions concerned for National Heritages.

The Ministers who are responsible for preparing management plans for National Heritages should review it every five years. Our mission is to be vigilant of the above and support the authorities concerned to preserve them and also to tell the world that we possess a heritage which is colourful and lively and an oldest living civilisations.

Enchanting Sri Lanka …is the nature’s treasure chest of art, architecture; philosophy, classical dances and music; the sky scraping Dagobas, Rock Fortress Sigiriya, Sinharaja Rain Forest, Adams Peak and its wilderness, the rich fauna; birds, peacocks, reptiles, elephants, sloth bears and the endemic leopard and more… which can be seen at close range in their habitats.

Today; Sri Lanka is carving a niche economically.

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